This super easy twist on a taco is incredibly versatile and can be used to serve as a canapé, a sandwich alternative, or a bouquet of your favourite foods.

You can vary the size depending on the size of wrap you use, which means its perfect for any situation or event. For this particular tacone, we filled it with a salad blend consisting of kale, rocket, tomato, grated carrot soaked in soy, roasted cashews and vegan feta. Other ideas we had were a Greek themed one, with falafel, humous, olives and red onion, but hot fillings would be delicious and work just as well.

All you need (for two people) is one soft tortilla wrap and 2 aluminium balls. The wrap can be any size and any flour, depending on personal preference!

Here’s how you make your tacone:

First, take your wrap and cut it in half.


Twist it into a cone shape, putting an aluminium ball at the bottom of each cone, as showed below:


Place these into a preheated oven of 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes, or until crisp, turning once halfway through.
They should come out looking something like this:


Fill each tacone with your chosen filling.





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